Murder at the Grape Stomp (Book 5)

Murder at the Grape Stomp (Book 5)

Murder at the Grape Stomp (Book 5)

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Local innkeeper and vineyard owner, Avery Parker, is having a blast with her friends during the annual grape stomp in their small town of Los Robles, California.

The air is filled with laughter, cheers, and the pulsating rhythm of stomping feet, creating an atmosphere that crackles with contagious energy.

But the good times come to a sudden end when a corpse is discovered in the vineyard.

Avery is stunned to learn that the motley collection of suspects includes a member of her own staff, who she had never considered a possibility.

As Avery uncovers the secrets behind the mystery, the stakes grow higher, threatening the safety of her employee and casting a shadow of danger over her own life.

With Sprinkles, her loyal golden retriever, by her side, Avery must navigate through tough decisions while seeking to solve the crime.

If the elusive murderer isn't found, Avery's very existence hangs in the balance, making every step of her investigation a heart-pounding race against time.

Murder at the Grape Stomp is a gripping tale of mystery that skillfully weaves together suspense, friendship, romance, and humor.

Wine pairings and irresistible recipes included!

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Book 5 of A Read Between the Wines Cozy Mystery Series

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