Murder at the Wine Cave (Book 4)

Murder at the Wine Cave (Book 4)

Murder at the Wine Cave (Book 4)

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Innkeeper and vineyard owner, Avery Parker, is finally getting some time off to enjoy an afternoon with the Stammtisch women.

Avery and her tight-knit group of friends embark on an idyllic winery tour, only to stumble upon a shocking discovery: a body hidden within the depths of a wine cave.

As the authorities scramble to piece together the evidence, suspicion falls on the victim's long list of enemies.

Accompanied by her loyal and beloved golden retriever, Sprinkles, Avery must navigate the treacherous waters of hidden secrets and deadly motives to expose the truth.

Will she succeed in her quest, or will the killer strike again, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake?

Only time will tell in this thrilling and heart-stopping journey of deceit, betrayal, and murder.

Wine pairings and irresistible recipes included!

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Book 4 of A Read Between the Wines Cozy Mystery Series

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