Can't You Smell the Smoke?

Can't You Smell the Smoke?

Can't You Smell the Smoke?

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Trapped. Isolated. Desperate.

These were constant realities as I lived with my three young sons, fearing what the next minute might hold in my destructive marriage.

Was I making the right decisions about caring for myself and my children?

Was I being selfish or making excuses?

Surely divorce was wrong...right?

As I became frighteningly aware of my circumstances, God began showing me in big and little ways that He was with us.

Through daily interactions with friends, family, nature, and His Word, God strengthened me, gave me courage to face each day, and provided a way of escape.

Readers of Can’t You Smell the Smoke? will gain:

  • Recognition of the subtle signs of emotional and verbal abuse in Christian marriages
  • Encouragement that with God's help, they can survive and thrive after escaping abuse
  • Peace and courage to face each day in desperate circumstances
  • Insight on what a narcissistic person is like
  • Leaning on faith to deal with challenging circumstances like narcissism, mental illness (bipolar depression), suicide, and divorce.
  • Trust that God walks with them and will make a way out

The private and complicated pain of abusive Christian marriages is seldom discussed. Yet it exists.

Can't You Smell the Smoke? brings this issue to light, empowering women to protect themselves and their families.

Discover how you, too, can transition from merely surviving to thriving in freedom.

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