Teaching Kids About Money by Reese Frazier

Teaching Kids About Money by Reese Frazier

Teaching Kids About Money by Reese Frazier

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Real life examples are used and the book explains how to teach kids of different ages about money which is really useful.

- Aaminah Amin , author of It’s Not Common Cent$

Don’t want your kid to be your future roommate in retirement?

Start their financial education NOW!

You'll be surprised to learn that it’s simpler than you’d think, and with a few powerful guidelines to follow and apply, you can drastically change the direction of your kids’ financial futures.

Kids just need a little help from their parents while they are still growing up to establish lifelong, financially healthy habits. The critical step in creating this foundation is starting young and nurturing their financial mindset as they are still living at home.

In Teaching Kids About Money, you will discover:

  • Fun and practical ideas to keep both parents and kids engaged, committed, and excited as they work towards their financial goals
  • The importance of introducing your children to the concept of staying within a budget and still being able to afford everything they want
  • A step-by-step plan on how to teach your kids all they need to know about money to turn into independent, financially-responsible adults
  • How to help your kids take on the right amount of responsibility in every step of their life to avoid overwhelming financial situations in the future
  • Perfectly scheduled-down goals for your kids to reach gradually, from their toddler years to high-school
  • Creative ways to help your kids make money in elementary-school, dramatically increasing their self-confidence along the way
  • The importance of educating your kid throughout the various stages of life to help them use their money to become a successful entrepreneur
  • When to let your kids manage their own bank account -- avoid the most common mistakes kids naturally make when they get their money-management-freedom too early

Take the first step today and uncover the knowledge you’ve been missing out on to raise success-driven kids, ready to conquer their future! 

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