Publishing Packages

Publishing Packages

Publishing Packages

Did you know that according to HubSpot, companies that publish books generate 107% more leads and see a 55% increase in website traffic compared to those that do not publish books?

Position yourself as the industry expert and gain credibility with your clients by offering them a book you authored.

Why write a book?

  • establishes trust with a wide audience
  • enhances your brand as an industry leader
  • saves time as you are able to focus on warm leads 

Amplify your brand's visibility with our publishing packages designed for coaches, consultants, and small businesses.

Don't wait any longer, let's show potential clients how you can help them with your expertise... it's easier than you might think!

Publishing packages include:

  • twelve 30-minute consulting sessions
  • guidance on creating your lead-generating manuscript
  • accountability to meet publishing deadlines and goals 
  • editing and eagle-eye proofreading 
  • professional formatting (for both eBooks and print books) 
  • attention-grabbing cover design (for both eBooks and print books)
  • SEO-friendly book title and sub-title
  • insightful author biography that builds rapport and trust
  • tips on best platforms and ways to sell your book
  • social media images for marketing your book
  • authors keep 100% of book royalties
  • and much more!

From concept to publication, we'll hold your hand through the entire process.

Submit your interest HERE and let's discuss how to get your book published. We'd love to help you start your journey as an author!

If you're ready to get started now, click HERE.

(Or if you'd rather go the DIY route, click HERE to grab a copy of The Credibility Shortcut for Coaches and start writing today!)

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Welcome to Trillium Sage Publishing! We specialize in empowering business owners like you to expand your reach and showcase your expertise through the power of publishing. Our free consultation is your first step towards transforming your knowledge and experiences into a published book that can elevate your brand and open new doors for your business.

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